Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Collars, Cuffs, And so much more!


Gifts for your kitten!


Pretty tails and plugs for your princess!


Advanced Orders Available!!

We’re currently rebuilding our inventory and are taking advanced orders of all those fun little things that you’re looking for to spoil your favorite pet. Paddles, plugs, tails, cuffs - you name it, we’ll be happy to track it down and ship it out to you as soon as our inventory arrives!

Just drop us a line!

Orders @ accidentalsquirrel [dot] com

Hello my Kinky Minions!

Our squirrels have been busy plotting again, and we’re back to business soon in 2016! We’d love to hear from you!

Never heard of us? Yeah, I’m not too surprised. We closed our doors a while back due to personal crap, and now that all that stuff is out of the way my minions and I are back in business!

While we’re putting the finishing touches on our site, we’re asking folks what sort of things they would like us to bring back in stock. We already plan to have an array of plugs (metal and glass), tails (with and without plugs, detachable and non-detachable), ears & paws, collars (including customizable ones), cuffs, “toys” (metal and glass) and other pretty things. We do plan to stay with our normal themes, but over the last year or so we’ve been doing quite a bit of research and we think you’ll be pleased with what we’ve found!

But we want to hear from YOU!!

Is there anything you’ve been looking for and can’t seem to find? A collar? A tiara? Wings, perhaps? Maybe you’re just looking for a specific color? Let us know! We’ll be happy to take advanced orders and hunt down something special for you while we’re putting together our inventory!

And anybody willing to lend us a hand will get an extra 10% off their orders!

Coming back online is a little daunting but we hope some of you out there remember us and will help spread the word.

We hope to be opening the doors to our website and Etsy shoppe again this Spring! So drop us a note or send us an email: Princess @ AccidentalKink [dot] com