For your Princess

Every Princess deserves the best. Here we have a selection of pretty things to adorn her with; flowers, jewels, furs...anything to make your princess feel pampered and adored.

These sweet, floral collars are sturdy leather with four small flowers fastened with gems. They will fit 14 inch to 18 inch necks.

These beautiful, leather collars feature a single rose. A simple, but elegant touch. They will fit 14 to 18 inch necks. Pink, Purple and Light Blue available.

Small, but very sturdy. Style as shown. Easily slips into hair. $2.50
$2.50 each
Simple and sweet, rhinestone tiaras for your princess.
We have 4 different styles, but at the moment, we ship at random. $5.00 each
$5.00 each
Not every princess wears pink! This lace tiara headband is uniquely striking and elegant. Made of stiff, heavy duty felt, it stands about 5 inches tall at the peak. Light weight, but sturdy. Perfect for a dark little princess.
$7.50 each
This beautiful floral crown headband is attached to elastic for an easy fit. Light weight, felt and silk. The crown is about 3 1/2 inches tall at the front peak.
$7.50 each
A simple, sweet, princess crown for your princess to wear when she can't wear her tiara. Remind her that she's your princess all the time, not just when she's with you. Silver plated. One size - roughly sz. 5, 16mm diameter. $2.00
Nail rings are a newer trend, and we love the look, but they do take a bit of getting used to. These are meant to be worn at the end of your finger, over your nail. We loved these because of the little crown - perfect for any princess. One size - about a sz. 2. 12mm diameter. $2.00
Want a little extra sparkle? Unlike regular rings, these silver plated, light weight rings are meant to be worn at the first or second knuckle. This is a set of 5 (though one is actually 2 rings connected with a chain. Comfortable and light weight. $2.00 per set